Sunday, December 14, 2008

hey ! =)

hey !! just to drop by to say hi!! so sorry for not updating my blog........ anyhow , feel very lazy to blog lah~~~ got nothing to blog abt also!!! *swt* kay i gtg watch my favourite DRAMA!! THE GEM OF LIFE!! it's really nice!! better dun miss it! haahaha XD byeeeeee ;)

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Boring Day~~~

Actually i was supposed to post this last nite but i was too tired .. okay..... It was quite a boring day but i still manage to find some FUN ! My sister and i played badminton 2gther in the afternoon...=) I really had a great time! It has been a long time that i haven't sweat out this much !! I feel so REFRESHING! Oh then I had my dinner , bak kut teh at jalan pasar , kl .. I was so shocked!!The restaurant was so PACKED ! But luckily , there's an empty table for us..=) So we seated and had our drinks ordered.Iwas so damn FULL thmy stomach nearly EXPLODE *exagerating*!!! After that we went to Ikea for window shopping. We still bought some stuff though.;) I bought their currypuffs and ice cream..It's freaking delicious! I fancy their currypuffs more..If i would to compare , i think mc donald ice cream is better.. don't u think so?? 2hours later , we left Ikea and get back to home.


Saturday, November 1, 2008

Happy Early Christmas !! *gee*

Alright!I know you all must be wondering why my tittle today is happy early christmas.....ryte??Well I decorated my very own christmas tree this afternoon..*weeeee*because I was toooo boring at home doing nothing besides than eating , sleeping , watching tv and so on... It's just way too BORING!!!!!!!!!! So , to cure my boringness , I came up with the idea of decorating my christmas tree ;) So i quickly get the tree and all the decoration stuff from my room . At first , i thought it will be easy for me to decorate a TREE!! Instead , i got sooo DEAD MAD and headache because i dunno how am i supposed to decorate it so that it doesn't look to complicated with all the decoration. =(

Luckly , my second sister was there to help me out..XD . I know wat you guys thinking... You all must be thinking that i'm so stupid to not knowing how to decorate a christmas tree. I get you right ryte???*heheheh* Nah.... I dun care ... As long as I decorate my tree .=) That's all!! Oh ya , there's ribbons and stuff on my christmas tree too.*winks* But only 1 thing is missing. Guess wat??The LIGHTS!! I dunno how to fixed on the lights la..*embarassing..* So dun blame me ya..=)
Here are the picture of my very own Christmas tree..*perasanted* without lights...............

Here it is! The Christmas Tree!!*yay*

THE END!!! Have A Nice Day !

Thursday, October 30, 2008

my life~~ seems tht i really din update my blog long long time before...Nvm i'll do it now. ;) I was kinda bz for the past few weeks bcuz of exams therefore din update. =( But since exams are over ryte now *weeeeee* , I can start to blog!! So , I think i shud start from the week after my PMR end. OK.. school is so BORING!!!! At first , i thought it would be fun after my pmr. Hell knows??It's super bored! So , i declared a WEEK of holidays for myself! *hahahahha*
Actually there's not much differents going school or stay at home. But i still prefer staying at home. At least i get to on9 or do my other stuffs.*winks* Basically this is my LIFE after PMR!! ok lah ~boleh tahan lah~~~*heheh*


Sunday, August 17, 2008

sad for Chong Wei.

it's so sad that Chong Wei lose to the world ranking No.1 Lin Dan again.=( I think Chong Wei had expected the result . He could never beat Lin Dan.I mean he could but only once in a blue moon..Lin Dan is way too good!!He deserves the GOLD!! Furthermore , I think Chong Wei was not playing very well yesterday becuz he had a very tough game on Friday with the korean guy , or it could be Chong Wei was thinking about the reward of RM1 million if he wins the olympic game. Who knows????During the game , the crowd are all china's supporters which i think it will affect Chong Wei's performance .Malaysia put all the hope only on Chong Wei thus made him felt very pressure. So I hope for the next four years Chong Wei will grab the GOLD medal from Lin Dan!!!!!!!!!!

All the BEST , Chong Wei!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Saturday, August 16, 2008


you and me ,
can't you see ,
how our friendship be ,
friendship that stands for years .

time flies ,
time never waits ,
it never turns back ,
whatever is gone had gone .

friends ,
is a special person who makes everything worthwhile ,
every time you're with friends ,
you will always be happy .

had a bad time.

wow !! it seems tht long time i din update my blog. nvm i'mgoing to do it now .so... ya, i had finished my trials on Friday. FINALLY!! the paper all were so DIFFICULT. no , actually only MATH and SCIENCE which really made me full of headache.Both the papers were setted by the education ministry of selangor!!can u imagine how HARD would it be..Very HARD. =( nvm let the gone by gone..even if i talked about it nw there's also no changes. it's too late for me to regret.On friday , my last paper was Seni. i din study at's not important and it's not even counted in exms so i din really bother.Only my skul were having moral and seni exmS. Other skuls dun have.It's so stupid la.juz think it ovr , we dun hav to sit for moral and seni tests in our pmr also but i juz dun get it why they still set this papers for us ..So STUPID and RIDICULOUS!!!!!!! ~zzzz very sleepy wanna take a nap first bb~ (^z^)